4 Sexual Innuendo Cocktails to Get (Un)comfortable With


Cocktails are named for lots of things—people, movies and even their boozy impact—but by far the worst (or best, depending on your level of maturity) are the cocktails whose names allude to some NSFW topics.

Hitting on a bartender or fellow bargoer becomes a lot easier when all you have to do is order a drink and wink suggestively. Here, the brashest cocktails with the most sexual names.

Sometimes you drink sloe gin fast, but other times you drink it slow (with the Marvin Gaye Pandora station queued up). This classic long drink mixes the berry liqueur with vodka and that mischievous Southern staple, SoCo. Just try keeping a straight face asking for one of these.

The Essentials

Sloe Gin
Southern Comfort
We don’t know exactly what makes sambuca and Irish cream slippery or nipple-like (nor do we want to know), but we do know we enjoy the taste of the creamy, anise-spiked shot.

The Essentials

Irish cream
The reference to extremely chilly undergarments may not get you hot and bothered, but the slushy mixture of pink lemonade, strawberries, decadent ice cream and more gin than you might think will certainly get the party started.

The Essentials

Frozen Pink Lemonade
Frozen Strawberries
Including the word “sex” in the name of a drink pretty much disqualifies it as innuendo, but we’ll let that slide in the case of this stalwart of awkward ordering encounters. Invented to satisfy spring breakers in 1980s Florida, the drink prominently features peach schnapps, the most tantalizing of fruit liqueurs. Be wooed by its bright colors, and forget all about the embarrassment of asking for one out loud.

The Essentials

Peach Schnapps
Orange Juice

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