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5 Soul Warming Snow Day Cocktails


Snow days are few and far between, which is all the more reason you should take full advantage of the ones that do come your way—even if they fall on a Saturday. Once you’re done making snow angels and digging your car out of two feet of snow and ice, go inside and relax with a cocktail. These five drinks are rich and warming after a day spent frolicking in the snow—or looking at all that white fluff from the safety of your living room.

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Though this cocktail takes some planning in advance, you’ll be happy to have a batch of Tom & Jerry batter stored away for snowy days and chilly evenings. Cognac and dark rum provide a rich base for the even richer batter, and a topping of steamed milk and freshly ground nutmeg add a final layer of cozy.

The Essentials

Dark Rum
Tom and Jerry Batter
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If you’re a dedicated snow-o-phile and spend any spare moment you can find on the slopes, this aptly named cocktail may appeal to you after the end of an exhausting day of skiing. But it’s also great for anyone who’s willing to try a rather offbeat approach to spiked hot chocolate, as this cocktail combines peppermint schnapps and Green Chartreuse to much success.

The Essentials

Peppermint Schnapps
Green Chartreuse
Hot Chocolate
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Turn your chilly snow day into a full on party with this crowd-friendly crock pot recipe. Dry red wine and brandy pick up spiced flavor from star anise and cloves, and are brightened by the addition of citrus. Start a pot of this in the morning, and by noon your snow day party will be raging.

The Essentials

dry red wine
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Mulled wine and spiked hot chocolate are great for cold and dreary days, but for those who want to try something unexpected, this tequila-spiked cuppa may be the solution. The agave spirit adds depth to apple cider and lemon juice, and it can be sweetened to taste by swirling a rock candy stick in the glass. If you don’t have a spare rock candy stick lying around, white sugar will do just as well.

The Essentials

Apple Cider
agave syrup
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Shoveling is an inevitable part of any snow day. After the exhausting feat of digging your sidewalk out from underneath all those fluffy flakes, you deserve a reward—a fast and easy one. Get the kettle going, and within a few minutes you’ll be ready to throw together a simple Hot Toddy with any spirit or addendums you choose.

The Essentials

hot water

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