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3 Spa Cocktails to Refresh Your Mind and Body


After a long, hard day, a cocktail is a lot like a massage or a salt scrub—it’s just as restorative and relaxing, if not quite as beneficial to your body. So, we thought, why not bring the spa and the bar together for one blissful night at home? Made with ingredients that double as at-home spa treatments, these three cocktails boast plenty of self care potential, thanks to the addition of coconut oil, rose water and eucalyptus. They’re perfect for sipping in tandem with a pampering session. The next time you feel the need for a day of at-home spa serenity, whip up these recipes and prepare to soothe your mind, body and spirit.

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If your idea of ultimate relaxation is a steamy bath and a chilly cocktail, this Martini is the perfect solution to your relaxation needs. Flavored with head-clearing, aromatherapeutic eucalyptus, this frothy, sour sip is balanced and refreshing. “The inspiration came from the classic White Lady,” says Humberto Marques, owner of Curfew Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen. “The eucalyptus syrup turned out to be a perfect compliment to the gin, along with the other citrus elements in the recipe.” He also uses the syrup to add a fresh burst of flavor to other classic cocktails like the Mojito and Mint Julep. Pair this cocktail with a bunch of fresh eucalyptus tied to your showerhead and eucalyptus epsom salts, then lay back and bask in the leaves’ relaxing aroma (and gin’s calming effect).

The Essentials

Tanqueray Ten gin
Eucalyptus Syrup
lime juice
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The next time you need a spa staycation, break out the coconut oil to soothe your body inside and out. Known for its ultra-hydrating properties as a moisturizer and the healthy fats it adds to dishes, coconut oil’s usefulness extends beyond the kitchen and bathroom vanity to the bar. This drink from Dallas bar The Common Table uses a base of coconut oil-washed vodka to complement tropical pineapple flavors, bitter Italian amaro infused with sesame seeds and vegetal matcha powder. Anytime you’re giving your skin a burst of coco-hydration, be sure you’re also nursing a glass of the complex and flavorful Konomi.

The Essentials

pineapple syrup
sesame-infused Cocchi Americano
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There’s no smell quite like that of fresh roses. Sweet, floral and uplifting, the fragrance of the flower’s petals often shows up in homemade facial toners and mists. But the benefits of the rose’s intense floral aroma and flavor extends to cocktails, too. This drink, made by Erick Castro of Polite Provisions in San Diego, turns rose petals into a potent syrup for a cocktail that combines rose’s floral scent with bittersweet Aperol and spritzy sparkling wine. “The bittersweet notes of grapefruit and orange in the Aperol are very aromatic and even a bit floral, so I decided to add to those layers with a rose petal gomme syrup that we make in-house and the union was beautiful,” Castro says, adding that the only way to finish the drink was with a bit of sparkling wine—naturally. After making the gomme, you’ll have some rose water left over, so once you have a cocktail in hand, craft an equally soothing recipe for your skin—we like a combination of four parts rose water, two parts witch hazel and half a part apple cider vinegar, plus a few drops of rosehip oil.

The Essentials

Rose Petal Syrup
Sparkling wine

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