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New Ways to Spike Hot Chocolate


Spiking a mugful of hot chocolate isn’t a difficult task—simply grab your favorite bottle of booze off the shelf, and pour away. And while we’re all for the free flow of booze, no recipe required, there’s something to be said for an expertly-made version from our pro friends behind the bar. So we asked two bartenders to share their favorite ways to spike a hot chocolate to make it even more satisfying. Throw in Supercall’s own bittersweet version, and you have a whole roster of the hot boozy beverage to keep you warm all winter long.

Matthew Kelly / Supercall
When Chef Miguel Santiago of Hilton West Palm Beach spotted a guest sipping hot chocolate alongside a shot of tequila beside the hotel’s outdoor fire pit, he was instantly intrigued by the combo. After having a conversation about her libations, he created this boozed-up version of the chocolatey beverage. “I added Bailey’s for balance, and the Grand Marnier meringue gives the drink a citrus twist with a Florida vibe,” he says. Smoky, sweet and citrusy, it’s the perfect libation to warm your bones after a chilling, thrilling day on the slopes.

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With more and more people ditching the cream in their coffee for non-dairy alternatives, nut milks like almond and macadamia are more common to see in your local coffee shop than ever before. But there’s another creamy substitute on the rise that’s about to be your new favorite vegan ingredient: oat milk. “In order to equal the richness of oat milk, most regular cow milks would have to be in the heavy whipping cream realm,” says Scott Koehl, beverage director of Marshall’s Landing in Chicago. “I wanted the drink to have that rich, decadent chocolate milk flavor without being super thick, and for it to balance out with the alcohol.” His spiked cocoa-y cocktail gets a hit of tropical fruit from Cruzan Blackstrap Rum, while orange and coffee liqueurs add citrus and bittersweet notes. It’s the perfect hot-tail to curl up with on the couch or serve as a welcome drink at a winter brunch.

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Spiking hot chocolate with bourbon is a no-brainer—the two go together like peas in a pod. So to make things a little more interesting, we added a touch of fernet to elevate the classic combo to new, bittersweet heights. Rich coconut milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and vanilla create a hot chocolate that’s decadent but not too sweet, which rounds out the booze without masking it completely. But the real treat comes from the garnish, a thick layer of marshmallow fluff that’s torched to melty, toasty perfection. One sip will take you back to sitting ‘round the campfire as a kid, trying to outdo your peers with the freakiest ghost story you could muster. We can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Friday night than with a mugful of this boozy indulgence.

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