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3 Garden Fresh Margaritas for Serious Springtime Drinking


A refreshing Margarita, made simply with fresh lime juice and agave syrup, is close to perfection—especially if there’s a big bowl of guac within reach—but that doesn’t mean the classic tequila cocktail isn’t ripe for a seasonal makeover. Embrace the blooming beauty of spring by incorporating its bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs into your Margarita. From carrots to sugar snap peas to rhubarb, these garden-inspired Margaritas highlight spring’s delicious glory while maintaining the integrity of a classic Marg. Raid your local farmers market and get ready to gulp down a glass of tequila-spiked spring.

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This spicy, savory take on a classic Margarita from New York-based Australian restaurant Flinders Lane is made with carrot juice, cardamom syrup and blanco tequila, infused with both long red chilies (for color and flavor) and Thai bird’s eye chilies (for a hellfire heat)—plus a homemade carrot salt for an extra pop of color. “Carrots and cardamom work well together, and carrots have a natural sweetness that balances the chile-infused tequila and citrus,” says Chris McPherson, beverage director and part owner at Flinders Lane. “Mezcal adds that touch of smokiness on the finish. It’s been a customer favorite ever since we first opened.” While the fresh, earthy flavors are perfect for spring, McPherson says swapping out the blanco tequila for a reposado allows the drink to transcend seasonality—good thing, because you’ll want to drink it all year round.

The Essentials

chili-infused tequila
carrot juice
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Light, vegetal and aromatic, this British twist on a Margarita from London’s Oxo Tower is a breath of fresh, tequila-spiked air. “I wanted to create a drink that was representative of not only myself, but of England,” says bartender Sophie Bratt. “Being a Yorkshire girl living in London, I love to escape to the parks of London to read, so I gathered a lot of inspiration from the surroundings.” Lightly muddled sugar snap peas and mint release their vibrant oils, which pair beautifully with orange flower water and a homemade Earl Grey tea syrup. “I absolutely love Earl Grey tea and my nan always told me it was very British, making it perfect for the floral and botanical tone of the Margarita,” says Bratt. If you’re skeptical about a British take on a Mexican cocktail and need some convincing, consider this: It was a finalist in Patrón’s prestigious 2017 Margarita of the Year competition. How’s that for credentials?

The Essentials

Earl Grey Tea Syrup
sugar snap peas
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Sweet and tart, floral and herbaceous, this Margarita tastes like liquid spring. Blanco tequila and St-Germain elderflower liqueur mix with a homemade rhubarb and rosemary syrup, which gives the cocktail its alluring, rosy hue. A pink hibiscus salt rim adds even more color to the drink, making it a perfect cocktail to serve at special occasions like a garden party or Easter brunch, but it’s also great to drink on a Tuesday evening in front of the TV. Pro rhubarb tip: Look for tall, crisp stalks with shiny, ombré green-to-pink skins.

The Essentials

blanco tequila
rhubarb and rosemary syrup

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