These Mocktails Go From Zero To Tipsy


When temperatures rise and our brows start to bead with sweat, we turn to refreshing, fruity cocktails to sate our thirst. But booze isn’t for everyone, and we at Supercall are sensitive to our teetotalling friends and, of course, the children (who we, personally, believe are our future). If you’re forgoing the punch in your punch to cater to thirsty kids, expecting moms or pals who don’t partake, here are a few mocktails for them, which can easily be transformed into delightfully boozy warm-weather cocktails for you with the flick of the wrist (and a bottle).

This mint- and peach-laced gingerade is the holy grail of kid-friendly mocktails. It’s delightfully sweet with the perfect amount of lemon sour. Mint gives the cooler an ultra-refreshing herbal kick, which also happens to pair seamlessly with a little bourbon (if you’re in the mood). If ginger beer proves to be too spicy for the kids, reserve it for the grownups and swap in ginger ale.

The Essentials

ginger beer
peach syrup
The traditional grapefruit- and tequila-spiked Paloma is a balanced beacon of summertime refreshment. This slightly savory, herbal and booze-free variation employs grapefruit juice rather than soda, along with salted rosemary syrup. It takes no time to throw together, and like the original, the grown-up version benefits from the addition of tequila.

The Essentials

grapefruit juice
salted rosemary syrup
Club soda
Ever paired honey with watermelon juice? The combination works wonders in concert with a little lime juice and basil. To give it some oomph, take your pick of gin, tequila or rum. All work equally well in the sweet-savory drink.

The Essentials

watermelon juice

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