3 Dessert Cocktails to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


There are two things everyone wants after a hearty, belt-loosening meal: a sweet dessert and a stiff drink. Though many bars and restaurants have tried to satisfy both post-dinner desires in one sip, only a few have succeeded in creating that perfect denouement of a drink.

We’re not talking about your basic Mudslide or Irish Coffee—not that there’s anything wrong with either of those classics. We’re talking about out-of-the-box, original nightcaps that fulfill both your wildest dessert and drink cravings. After extensive research—the lengths we go to for you, dear reader—we found three incredible cocktails from three talented New York City bartenders that fit the bill.

Forget attempting crème brûlée or stopping at Carvel to pick up a Fudgie the Whale for your next dinner party. Make these decadent dessert cocktail recipes instead.

A cocktail as sway-inducing as the Dean Martin song it’s named for, the That’s Amore tastes like liquid tiramisu. A staple on the dessert menu at The Bar Room in New York, the cocktail is a light but silky combination of vodka, Patrón XO Cafe, nutty Frangelico and honeyed Drambuie. The pièce de résistance? A ladyfinger rim.

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PatrĂłn Cafe
If you think this cocktail looks appetizing, just wait until you taste it. One of many fantastic boozy floats created by Allison Kave at Brookyn’s Butter & Scotch, the cocktail combines two summertime staples (rosé and strawberry ice cream) with Aperol for a sweet—but not too sweet—dessert drink.

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Ice Cream
The Raspberry Chocolate Martini at New York’s Ayza is so incredibly popular that co-owner Zafer Sevimcok raised the cocktail’s price in an effort to reduce orders. But the plan backfired. “People ordered more!” Sevimcok says. We can’t say we’re surprised. Made with quality chocolate shavings from Jacques Torres and a balanced mix of Kahlúa, Chambord and cream, it is the Choco-tini that will change your mind about Choco-tinis.

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Heavy Cream

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