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3 Pumpkin-Spiced Cocktails for Fall Drinking


Fall has a flavor and that flavor is pumpkin spice. The ubiquitous, cinnamon and nutmeg-tinged taste is in everything from the ubiquitous latte to yogurt to potato chips. And while the autumnal phenomena may have gotten a touch out of hand, there is one place we are happy to see it: in our drinks. It turns out the combination of sweet, earthy pumpkin and baking spices is absolutely incredible mixed with dark, cool-weather staples like mezcal, whiskey and rum. Here, a few delicious recipes for sweet-spicy-cozy pumpkin-spiced cocktails that will either satisfy your PSLust or help you understand what all the fuss is about.

A nod to the Halloween folk tale, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” this fall-spiced cocktail from Zack Berger, head bartender at New York’s Analogue, blends spicy rye whiskey with homemade pumpkin cordial, cinnamon syrup, herbal Benedictine and a whole egg. Be careful not to drink too many, lest you and lose your head. Speaking figuratively, of course....or ARE WE?

The Essentials

Rye Whiskey
Pumpkin Cordial
Sweet, spicy, creamy and fluffy, this pumpkin-spiced fizz from Saxon + Parole head bartender Masa Urushido gets a double dose of pumpkin from both pumpkin puree and pumpkin ale. A mix of madeira and dark rum gives it a rich depth of flavor, while egg white elevates it into the airy, frothy stratosphere. Perfect at brunch or as an after-dinner drink, it’s like liquified pumpkin pie.

The Essentials

Dark Rum
pumpkin puree
pumpkin ale
Johnny Swet, owner of JIMMY at the James in New York, took inspiration from pumpkin’s savory side when he created this autumnal take on a Margarita. In Mexico, pumpkin is an everyday food, often roasted and served with mole. The cocktail’s smoky mezcal invokes that char, while the cinnamon syrup echos mole sauce’s sweet richness. Swet recommends this cocktail to mezcal newbies looking for a way in. The drink’s approachable, balanced flavors will ease mezcal neophytes into exploring the earthy spirit.

The Essentials

Pumpkin Butter
Cinnamon Syrup

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