3 Classic Tiki Cocktails That Don’t Use Rum


No cocktail genre showcases the world’s diverse range of rums better than tiki. White rum, dark rum, rhum agricole, overproof rum—if it’s rum, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in your tiki mug. But if you’re all rummed out, there are tiki classics out there for you. With familiar tropical flavors like pineapple, allspice dram and orgeat in the mix, these cocktails are rum-free but unmistakably tiki.

By combining botanical-heavy gin with tart lemon juice and pineapple, the Royal Hawaiian is fruity without being too sweet. Originally known as the Princess Kaiulani, this cocktail is a great option for those looking for something a little more delicate than other show-stopping tiki drinks.

The Essentials

pineapple juice
If you’re craving that Piña Colada flavor but want to abstain from rum, allow us to introduce you to the Chi Chi, which swaps out the usual rum for vodka. It’s more pineapple-y and coconut-y than its rummy cousin thanks to neutral vodka, but it’s just as boozy.

The Essentials

coconut cream
pineapple juice
American whiskey is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think tiki, but the bourbon-based Poison Dart is a brilliant anomaly. Creamy orgeat binds the bourbon together with spicy cinnamon and allspice for a warming tiki tipple.

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