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How to Easily Open a Coconut for Cocktails


Nothing says vacation like drinking out of a freshly cracked coconut. Originally from India and Southeast Asia, coconuts have come a long way from their roots. Today, at any given moment, there is a thirsty tourist somewhere near the equator from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean sipping a tropical cocktail out of a coconut. But thanks to the global economy, you don’t have to leave your home to drink out of a fresh coconut. You can grab one from the grocery store, crack it open yourself and embrace the vacation vibes in the comfort of your own home. Here’s the easiest way to open a coconut for a cocktail.


Cloth or dish rag
Screwdriver or pointy metal object


1 coconut
Your favorite tropical coconut cocktail

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Step 1: Poke a hole in the top

On one end of the coconut, you’ll see three dots, which are called the eyes of the coconut. They’re soft and easily puncture. Poke a hole through two of them with the screwdriver and drain the coconut water.

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Step 2: Hammer the midline

Cover your hand with a cloth and place the coconut in that hand with the eyes facing away from you. Hold on tight. Hit the middle of the coconut with a hammer. It doesn’t have to be an incredibly hard hit, just hard enough that it would be mildly annoying if you missed and hit yourself. This will start to open a crack in the coconut. Rotate the coconut and hit the middle again. Repeat until the crack makes its way around the circumference, which should take around 10 hits.

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Step 3: Open the coconut

The two sides will fall apart naturally once it’s cracked all the way around.

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Step 4: Fill your cup

Add your beverage into one half of the coconut. Pros will use the coconut water from the coconut they just opened.

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