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98-Year-Old Yogi Chooses Wine Over Water


Täo Porchon-Lynch was already an inspiration. The spry, 98-year-old fitness star has been practicing yoga for over 70 years, continues to teach classes and even competed on America’s Got Talent in 2015. But then she went and topped her perfect Lotus stance by revealing her radical drinking habits.

In a profile in The New York Times, Porchon-Lynch said that, despite regularly exercising and dancing, she never drinks water. Instead, she hydrates with just two beverages: tea and wine. Her love of vino is so strong that she actually founded the American Wine Society with her late husband in the 1960s.

Looks like all of those studies that suggested wine was good for your health were onto something—the nonagenarian doesn’t look a day over 60. Porchon-Lynch continues to stun her dedicated online following with her flawless flexibility and stamina—even after three hip replacements. Howard Stern, a former judge on America’s Got Talent, called her “too mind-blowing for words.”

We have to agree with Stern—Porchon-Lynch is literal #goals when it comes to fitness and, of course, boozing. Excuse us while we crack open a merlot and drink it straight from the bottle as we tilt back into Reverse Warrior.

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