Don Your Mouse Head and Become deadmau5 in Absolut’s New VR Game


If you’ve ever aspired to be an EDM maestro, Absolut Vodka can make your electric dreams come true through the magic of virtual reality. Absolut Labs, which “exists to encourage new ways of thinking that develop products and experiences to help shape the future of nightlife,” just released a free game for VR headsets that puts players in the oversized murine head of deadmau5. Once ensconced therein, players are tasked with completing mini-games to deliver the protagonist to the stage.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and works with Google Cardboard VR, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR headsets. If you have yet to join the brave new world of VR, you can also nab a branded headset for just $10.

The game challenges players to dodge an avalanche of sound equipment, circumvent a security guard (who apparently can’t recognize your gargantuan famous fake head), and avoid zealous fans desperate for selfies with you. Regardless of whether you succeed, the experience ends with a 360-degree performance of the DJ’s new song, “Saved.”

Absolut deadmau5 isn’t the only virtual reality experience from a musician or a booze brand. Paul McCartney and Jack White, among others, have already produced VR concerts, though as an interview with Ars Technica reveals, Joel Zimmerman (the man within the mouse head) was very involved in the technical production of the Absolut game. Meanwhile, Patrón and Jack Daniel’s are both offering virtual, behind-the-scenes looks at their production facilities at brand events.


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