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The Boozy, Apocalyptic Video Game We’ve Been Waiting For


Adult Swim recently released a new first-person shooter game for the PC called “Wasted: A Post Apocalyptic Pub Crawler,” in which players take on the role of a “Waster” fighting for radioactive “Booze.” The game was released on the Steam platform on June 7, and the production team was at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles earlier this week promoting the boozy adventure title.

According to the game’s Steam page, the game takes place in a bombed out, “stillborn ‘80s” version of America, populated by monsters, robots and only the toughest, stupidest humans. Think “Borderlands” meets “Running Man” meets frat party. The “pub crawler” style game is a take on the traditional dungeon-crawler format, with players descending into randomly generated subterranean “Coolers.” Keeping with the drinking theme, power-ups come in the form of mutational "Hangovers" gained by consuming stiff, glowing drinks.

“Wasted” has so far received positive ratings from the Steam gamer community, a sign of continued success for Adult Swim Games, which has also given gamers gems such as “Super House of Dead Ninjas,” “Fist Puncher” and the extremely popular “Duck Game.” You can find out if “Wasted” is your own cup of bloody, funny, boozy tea for $13 on Steam.

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