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Missouri Looking to Make Airports a Lot Less Miserable


There’s finally a reason to get excited about a layover in St. Louis: booze to go. A bill is working its way through the Missouri State Senate that would allow customers at international airport bars to take their beverages wherever they please within the terminal. While passengers still have to ditch their plastic cups before boarding (or pass them off to harried, overworked gate attendants), the new rules will certainly defuse pre-flight stress at the BYOB gates. (In-flight cocktails are still on us.)

Unfortunately, according to USA Today, those traveling through Kansas City International Airport won’t be able to take much advantage of the new law, since most of the bars there are outside of security checkpoints and—injustice of injustices—flyers can’t retrieve their brewskis at the far side of the metal detector.

Despite some resistance from a few state legislators and concerned airport security who’d rather not corral unruly passengers, bill supporters in Missouri have precedent on their side. There are already few successful examples of to-go-beverage-friendly hubs in the country, like Houston, Nashville, Memphis, Tampa, and Portland, Oregon. At the Nashville International Airport, local breweries Yazoo and Tennessee Brew Works have taken advantage of a similar law and set up beer kiosks that offer quick drinks on the go, so speedy flyers barely need to slow their rolling suitcases to grab a beer on the way to the gate.

We can only hope more states take note of these supremely chill airports and pass similar laws. Someday soon, flying may be ever-so-slightly less miserable all across this great drinking nation.

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