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You Can Now Get a Fireball Whisky Facial


Drinking something that purportedly “burns like hell” is one thing. Rubbing it onto your face? That’s not something high up on our to-do lists. But now, it’s an option. Thanks (or no thanks) to one Arizona spa, you can get a Fireball whisky facial.

The Westin Kierland resort in Scottsdale, Arizona is capitalizing on the cinnamon-flavored spirit’s massive nationwide popularity by introducing a new facial treatment at the hotel’s Agave Spa: the Fireball Facial. (We know what you’re thinking—Fireball whisky at a spa named Agave? But don’t fret: The spa also offers a full menu of on-theme tequila and lime treatments).

According to a press release from the resort, the “50-minute facial incorporates a eucalyptus cleansing followed by a Fireball whisky mist for toning.” Once the spicy facial is over, guests choose between two Fireball cocktails: The Fiery Mule (Fireball whisky, lime juice, pineapple juice and ginger beer) or the Spiced Fireball (Fireball whisky, spiced rum, apple schnapps and Sprite topped with a lemon twist). The treatment starts at $159.

The resort claims that after the Fireball facial, “guests leave looking and feeling rejuvenated and glowing.” What a coincidence, that’s exactly how we look and feel after leaving a bar.

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