Baileys Releases Vegan, Dairy-Free Almond Milk Liqueur


Great news for those who are vegan or lactose-intolerant: You no longer have to suffer from creamy-cocktail FOMO because Baileys just released a vegan, dairy-free version of their Irish Cream liqueur nationwide, and it’s made from almond milk.

The healthy(ish) liqueur is called Almande Almondmilk Liqueur and is said to blend the nutty flavors of real almond milk with vanilla for a light, yet creamy beverage. It is slightly lower proof than the original Baileys, and the brand says that a single serving has the same calorie count as a 5-ounce glass of wine. They also boast that the liqueur is gluten free, though to be fair, most spirits are.

"We are excited to welcome spring with Baileys Almande, which offers the same quality and delicious flavor that people love about Baileys, but now in a dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan option that we know many are thrilled to enjoy," said Alex Tomlin, senior vice president of Scotch Whisky and Reserve Brands at Diageo North America, in a statement.

While the liqueur can be mixed into a variety of cocktails like an Irish Coffee or everyone’s favorite offensively named Depth Charge, the Irish Car Bomb, Baileys recommends mixing the spirit with coconut water for a guilt-free summer sipper. We’ll definitely be trying it in our own spiked lattés whenever we’re pretending to make “healthier” choices.

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