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Watch Bartenders Try to Guess Who’s 21 and Who’s Underage


How sharp is your age-detecting radar? YouTube channel Cut tested bartenders of various experience levels—from an old hand with 40 years behind the stick to a fresh spring chicken with three weeks experience—to see if they could accurately judge the age of drinkers who hovered around the crucial 21-year mark. "How’d they do?" inquisitive baby-faced drinkers may ask. Not great.

Though the bartenders all seem fairly confident coming in with their age-determining abilities, claiming they can easily tell how old someone is not only by physical appearance, but also by taking clues from clothing, mannerisms or plain old gut instinct, that confidence pretty quickly unravels when they get a look at the subjects. It turns out shiny black hairs that look gray, expensive nails, “that Urban outfitter mom jean look” and an “adult sweater” can fool even the most seasoned barkeep. Check out the video, below.

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