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This Printer Can Put a Selfie on Top of Your Beer


First the foam art craze came for your latte. Now it’s coming for your beer. A new built-for-the-’Gram contraption called Beer Ripple prints words, symbols, pictures, selfies and whatever you could imagine onto the head of a beer in mere seconds.

Beer Ripple is 8.5 by 10.5 inches, about the same size as a piece of printer paper. It sits on the tabletop, waiting for instructions input by a touchscreen or via WiFi. Once someone chooses a design (or uploads a picture of themself onto the Beer Ripple app, because 2018), 3D-printer technology spits out malt-based ink and recreates the image on top of the beer in 11 seconds. The ink comes in “beer-based shades,” the company description states, while “maintaining the natural beer experience.”

Of course, this isn’t the natural beer experience you’re used to. It’s the natural beer experience that captures the milieu of this experience-driven, customizable world we live in.

“We have already served millions of Ripples with customers such as Hilton, Lavazza, Four Seasons, and restaurants and coffee shops around the world,” CEO Yossi Meshulam said in a statement, referring to the company’s Coffee Ripple machine. “Now, venues serving beer from pubs and clubs to hotels and sporting venues can take advantage of the opportunities for engagement, loyalty and emotional connection that Ripples provides.”

Before getting your hopes up about setting one of these bad boys up in your mancave, there’s price to think about. Beer Ripple sells for $3,000 with a mandatory $1,500 subscription fee. Each ink cartridge prints around 6,000 images before needing to be refilled. But if you can find yourself a rich friend or a trendy bar that serves a proper Guinness, prepare to rack up the Ls on your next beer selfie.

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