The Ridiculous Bottle Chiller You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now


Some things in life are so ingenious that you never realize you need it until it’s right in front of you. The Chambong, for example, or a booze-delivering miniature train. Not to add to your wishlist in the final holiday hours, but there’s one more: the Blitzen.

Blitzen is a beverage cooler that harnesses the OG chill of nature to drop the temperature of your favorite bottle. Here’s how it works: Two 100-pound strength magnets hold a bottle cradle of black aluminum rails to the roof of your car. As you drive through a winter’s night, wind and cold turn your warm beverage into a cool one. Like one of Santa’s reindeers, Blitzen braves the cold to deliver the goods.

The idea came from when an engineer at Deeplocal, an innovation studio in Pittsburgh, bought a bottle of warm Cava to an event. We’ve all been there. He didn’t have time to refrigerate the bubbly as much as he needed to, and he wished he could just let nature do its thing. And just like that, a game-changing product was born.

Cava and growlers of IPA may have been the inspiration, but the possibilities here are endless. Pre-batch a cocktail and put it on the roof for an undiluted drink. Strap an unmixed cocktail on and do donuts in a parking lot for an extreme way to shake it up. Go out into the sun with a home-bottled Hot Toddy and cook your drink naturally. Again, it’s something you didn’t know you needed until the magic of the internet put in in front of your eyes.

Blitzen is “very real,” Deeplocal promises, but it’s still in test mode (the threat of a bottle flying off of your car at top speed at the first stop light is also very real). To be the first to get your hands on one, you can sign up for an alert on the Blitzen website.

h/t: Food&Wine

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