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This California Cannabis Company Is Pairing Weed With Wine


With marijuana quickly becoming the new it crop of Sonoma, California, many businesses in the wine-centric region are struggling to find a place for the recently legalized recreational drug. But one operation has discovered a unique opportunity at the agricultural crossroads. The Sonoma Cannabis Company, which has been marketing cannabis nectars since 2015, has launched a tasting series pairing wine with weed.

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The company does more than just give you a glass of Cabernet to chase your puff of Purple Haze—they offer full weed and wine pairing dinners. For $100-150, diners alternate bites of weed-infused pesto with sips of Pinot Noir, or enjoy sniffs of raw cannabis flowers with their Chardonnay. Far from stealing the spotlight at these dinners—as some winemakers fear weed may do in the California food and beverage industry—the weed “accentuates the intensity of your palate,” company co-founder Sam Edwards told The New York Times. The cannabis entrepreneur, for one, seems to want to play nice and collaborate with the elder industry for the greater good of everyone. “This is an industry that can really help our region,” he said.

The opportunity for pairing weed and wine may be fertile ground in states like Oregon and Washington where recreational cannabis is legal, but cannabis-infused booze is not. Ditto for denizens of Denver, Colorado, where you can smoke weed at local bars. Even with a federal backlash against cannabis legalization from the new administration on the horizon, Sonoma Cannabis Company is pressing ahead, discovering new tastes and ways to integrate weed into adventurous dinners. “History favors the bold,” Edwards said. Maybe he’s right—or maybe that’s just the weed-infused pesto talking.

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