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A 4-Day Gin Festival Is Happening and You Need to Go


World Gin Day is coming up on June 9, and it’s going to be bigger than ever before thanks to a four-day London festival dedicated to everyone’s favorite juniper-based spirit.

Drink Up London is hosting the festival, and it’s already secured the support of more than 75 bars around the city. It runs from June 7 to the 10th, and people who buy the £10 (around $13.50) tickets will be privy to specialty gin cocktails, gin pop-ups, brand events and guided gin tours, according to Metro.

For the uninitiated, World Gin Day happens every second Saturday in June. It was started in 2009, and has grown to encompass events in more than 30 countries. Out of all those places involved though, none brings as much ginspiration as London. It’s where you can find an entire hotel dedicated to gin, and drink through some of the best gin distilleries like Sipsmith, Beefeater and Bombay. In addition to the well known, London has plenty of other craft distilleries creating unique products. The city is the home of 20 percent of all of England’s gin distilleries.

Drink Up London has experience with hosting events of this kind, so this won’t be a Fyre Festival situation. And while the inaugural event is only happening in London, there’s a chance that it will spread to other ginternational locations if it’s successful, according to Bar Magazine. If you want to be the first of the first though, it’s time to start saving up for a plane ticket to Heathrow.

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