This Llama Float Is a Summer Pool Party Necessity


There are two types of pool party attendees: The person who comes unprepared and boringly sits on the edge, and the person who owns the party and sips their drink on a pool float. Specifically, a llama pool float. Even more specifically, a llama pool float with a long neck, tiny front legs and a cup holder.

The FUNBOY llama pool float is all that you need to be that person.

“For the love of Llamas, FUNBOY created this magical summer creature,” the summer accessory company writes on its website. “If a long neck, pink head pouf and short front legs don’t sound fun, then maybe the cup holder will wet your fancy (because llamas are even more fun with a drink). This is llama life.”

The llama sells for $79 plus shipping and inflates in less than three minutes with a hair dryer or electric pump. Plus, with every float you purchase on FUNBOY’s website (they also have convertibles, angel wings, yachts—you name it), they donate of a year’s worth of clean drinking water for one person in need.

Floating around on a llama with the perfect poolside cocktail sounds just right. Llamas are less overdone than all those unicorn pool floats out there, and far more casual than the raucous bull riding pool float. Picture this: It’s hot outside and the sunshine is glinting off the pool. You’re floating in the middle of the pool party with your drink (or slowly drifting down a lazy river), and a buoyant drink holder is nearby with your refill. Forget a pirate’s life—a llama’s life is the life for me.

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