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RIP Garry Marshall, Director, Actor, Writer, Friend to Bartenders


Like the rest of the TV- and movie-watching world, we were sad to hear about the passing of Garry Marshall, creator of decade-defining shows and films like Happy Days, Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries. In the wake of his death, actors he worked with are expressing their gratitude for his contributions to their careers. Henry Winkler notably tweeted a particularly touching thank you.

But actors weren’t the only people whose lives Marshall touched. A profile in the New York Times, published in 2014, reveals that the director/producer/actor/writer was also a great friend to bartenders. There was one in particular: Norman Bukofzer, the head bartender at the Ritz-Carlton bar. Marshall was so fond of Bukofzer, he cast him in the movie New Year’s Eve.

In the piece, Marshall orders an anisette with two ice cubes and instructs Bukofzer to perform his line for the Times reporter. “You ever been to Newark?” Marshall reveals that it took the bartender just four takes to perfect the line. “He should be in the business,” Marshall told the reporter.

So, Mr. Marshall, it is with sadness and admiration that we lift a glass of anisette (with two ice cubes) to your many accomplishments and your appreciation of the bartending community.

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