George Clooney and Casamigos Are Launching a Mezcal


George Clooney is at it again. Building off the success of Casamigos tequila, which sold to Diageo in 2017 for $1 billion, Clooney and business partners Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman are launching the first Casamigos mezcal.

Casamigos mezcal is a joven made with 100-percent espadín agave from Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s made the traditional way: heated and cooked by an oak-wood fire in earthen pits, crushed by a stone tahona wheel pulled by a horse and rested for 30 days after distillation. Finally, every batch is taste tested by Clooney and Gerber, according to Forbes. Tough life.

“We were given mezcals to try a few years ago and there was one we really loved,” Gerber told Karla Alindahao for Forbes. “At the time, all of our attention was focused on sharing Casamigos tequila with the world but we stayed in touch with the family that created that mezcal and knew one day it become part of our Casamigos family.”

Casamigos has quickly become a favorite among tequila drinkers since launching in 2013, and it’s a standout in a long list of lackluster celebrity alcohol brands. Even though the brand sold for $700 million straight up with a $300 million bonus option depending on sales, both Clooney and Gerber remain a part of the business. Gerber told Gotham that he participates “in each creative decision for the company.” That includes this mezcal, the bottle of which Gerber designed.

“Our mezcal was brought to us by a family that has made it for five generations,” Gerber told Gotham. “It’s extremely smooth, small-batch, with the perfect smokiness and easy to drink.”

And this is just the beginning, with a more filled out mezcal line in the works. Casamigos mezcal is now available with a retail price of around $60 a bottle, according to a Casamigos spokesperson.

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