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Get Paid to Drink Canned Wine and Live in a Van


Your friends are probably tired of hearing about your summer plans to drink in the great outdoors—they’ve seen your collection of outdoorsy drinking accessories and heard about your latest mobile wine obsession. Instead of boring your friends, get a job telling the world about your nomadic passion as an on-the-go brand rep for canned winemaker Union Wine Company.

The company just posted a listing for their “Canbassador” position, and they’re seeking a rambling, wine-chugging soul to wander the country spreading the wisdom of canned wine. The successful applicant will pilot the brand’s 1972 Citroën mobile wine bar—aka, a vintage van with a wine bar crammed inside—to music festivals, store openings and numerous outdoor events, pouring wine for other thirsty nomads and posting pics on social media along the way.

Union Wine Company isn’t the first to offer to pay employees to travel and drink. Similar internships have popped up for beer nerds and G&T lovers. But the Canbassadorship takes the wandering booze job to the extreme by combining it with the #vanlife trend currently capturing every Instagram follower’s wanderlust. So if you’re cool with mobile living quarters cramped by boxes of wine, then this just might be your office-free dream job of the season.

Coming this Spring to a street near you… #winetastingtruck

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