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Guinness Put Its Brewery on Airbnb


Serious Guinness fans may have previously spent a whole night with the foamy black elixir at the pub, but now they’ve got the chance to actually sleep in the belly of the brewery. Guinness has created a listing on Airbnb for the penthouse panopticon on the seventh floor of their Storehouse in Dublin. But you can’t simply book the pad like any other room—you’ve got to win it.

One true diehard fan of the Black Stuff and a guest will get the chance to have a slumber party at the Gravity Bar, converted for one night only into living quarters for the brand’s promotional “Night At” contest ahead of St. Patrick's Day. The winner will be decided not by luck but by a test of devotion, with the prize going to the best answer to the prompt: “What makes you the world’s biggest Guinness fan?”

According to The Drinks Business, the exclusive experience includes a private butler for the evening, a six-course dinner paired with Guinness, a private tour of the brewery and surrounding hidden tunnels, a pint-shaped bed for snoozing, and all the Guinness one can drink in a single night.

Hopeful contestants should submit 50-200 word answers by March 22 for a chance to stay at the brewery on April 24, so put on your best essay-writing cap and get working. Competition will likely be fierce, so only super fans need apply.

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