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This Comic-Con/Pokémon Go Pub Crawl Gave Us Serious FOMO


San Diego Comic-Con is the world’s biggest gathering of nerds. This year, the annual mayhem was amped up that much more thanks to Pokémon Go, which launched two weeks prior. It was inevitable that this year’s Con would be dominated by virtual pocket monsters. Even so, seeing that many sparkling pink Pokémon lures glittering on the convention floor is breathtaking:

While many in attendance showed their love for the game by cosplaying as Pokémon trainers, rare catches, or fandom mashups, hundreds more came out Saturday night to catch ‘em all while drinking their way through downtown San Diego.

Super-fan Caitlin Teasdale of Austin, Texas, organized the unofficial Pokémon Go Pub Crawl on Facebook, expecting only 20 people to show up. When hundreds of thirsty trainers came out, dressed in their team colors and hats, ready to suck up both Martinis and Meowths, the event ballooned into one of the most successful at this year’s Con.

“I love meeting people, and what better way to meet people than just nerding out and drinking?” crawl-goer Kate Hunt told The Verge.

Seven bars participated in the event: Zumbido, Tipsy Crow, Whiskey Girl, Taste & Thirst, Dublin Square, Stout Public House and Atomic Gaslamp, each offering special deals for participants of the crawl. Whiskey Girl’s contribution was Pikachu Punch—a bright yellow concoction of Malibu coconut rum, vodka and orange juice, topped with an overturned yellow can of Tropical Red Bull.

Whiskey Girl

We’re for anything that gets people off their couch and into the world to share a good drink, especially if it means catching an elusive Rhyhorn while doing it, assuming Eevee is down to share that Margarita with us. Now where did we leave those vodka-soaked Pokéballs?

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