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Bathe in Sake at This Japanese Hot Spring


Sake? Great. Hot springs? Awesome. A dip in a hot spring while sipping sake? Downright delightful. A dip in a hot spring filled with sake? Now you’ve really piqued our interest.

At Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, just two hours outside of Tokyo, bathing suit-clad visitors are encouraged to hop into hot springs (onsen in Japanese) that are spiked with either coffee, green tea, red wine or sake. In 2011, Youtuber Starlet Shay posted a video of her trip to the unusual hot springs, during which she soaked in all four concoctions. Now, Shay’s trip is making the rounds on the interwebs again thanks to Business Insider, who re-edited and shared the video on Facebook, which has everyone clamoring to visit the Japanese oasis.

Each modified hot spring boasts some kind of health benefit: Red wine’s antioxidants supposedly help protect skin, green tea boasts anti-aging qualities, coffee reportedly reduces cellulite and sake purportedly reduces sun spots. Of course, this may just be a bunch of gimmicky nonsense, but who cares? We’ll trade our morning shower for a leisurely sake soak any day.

If you’re planning on making the trip, we have just one tip for you: Don’t drink the bathwater.

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