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Jim Beam’s Smart Decanter Is Your New Favorite Personal Bartender


Voice-activated personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home have become increasingly common in homes and offices. But maybe all that shouting into an empty room to play your Spotify playlist isn’t for you. Maybe all you want is a shot of bourbon. Turns out, you can shout at a digital assistant for that, too.

Jim Beam recently announced a “smart decanter” called, naturally, Jim. It can’t dim your lights, answer trivia questions or buy things off Amazon for you. It can, however, pour you a perfectly measured shot of whiskey (or whatever else you put in the decanter) and tell you that the best way to drink bourbon is “any damn way you please” in the voice of seventh-generation distiller Fred Noe.

Well, it’ll do that for about half a year. A disclaimer on the Jim Beam website reads, “3G capabilities will expire after roughly six months and ‘JIM’ will turn back into a regular decanter.” It’s still more functional than Jim Beam’s “Apple Watch,” though, something we didn’t know we needed until it was staring at us from our wrists.

The short shelf life doesn’t seem to have deterred anyone interested in purchasing a Jim of their own off of the Jim Beam website. It sold out within hours of being announced. A notice saying to check back later is the only remaining hope for people who like their liquor poured electronically and served with a cheeky comment.

It’s proof that, in this day and age, no inanimate objects shall be left behind in the race to make everything “smart.” Even inanimate objects that are meant as gag gifts.

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