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This New Flavored ‘Vodka’ Is the Key to Guilt-Free Summer Drinking


We understand the need to stay snatched as summer begins. This sometimes means having to make “smart” decisions, aka drinking a Vodka Soda instead of the Piña Colada you’re really craving. But just because you’re trying to watch your sugar intake doesn’t mean you need to stick to flavorless, boring cocktails. Enter Ketel One Botanical, a new sugar-free spirit that’s infused with real botanicals and natural fruit essences.

Ketel One Botanical is distilled from 100-percent non-GMO grain and diluted to 60 proof, which is perfect for anyone who’s into low-ABV beverages, a trend we’ve been seeing in bars across the country this past year. It’s infused with fruit essences and contains no carbs, artificial flavors, sugars or sweeteners. Each serving is only 73 calories, which is 40 percent fewer calories than a glass of white wine.

If you’ve been seeing articles about Ketel One Botanical floating around the interwebs, you may have noticed that many people are calling it “diet vodka.” Because vodka is defined as a neutral spirit that must be distilled to at least 80 proof, Ketel One Botanical isn’t technically a vodka. Rather, it’s more like an infused neutral spirit that has a flavored vodka-esque taste. Regardless, the low-calorie spirit is a great way for vodka lovers (or even gin drinkers) to sip smarter.

“People care deeply about what they put in their bodies, which is why we care deeply about what goes into every bottle,” Carl Nolet Jr. of Ketel One said in a press release.

Ketel’s latest product comes in three different fresh flavors: Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint, and Grapefruit & Rose. We recently tried them plain over ice, and found them to be quite easy drinking. The Peach & Orange Blossom smells like a less sugary peach ring gummy candy and has pleasantly sweet and citrusy flavors. The Cucumber & Mint reminds us of homemade cucumber vodka and has a mild, vegetal flavor. And while the Grapefruit & Rose is a little too perfumey to drink on its own, it would work wonders in a simple cocktail like a Gimlet or topped with soda water.

We suggest putting a bottle on ice, packing your favorite mixers and hauling the whole shebang to the beach. Whether you drink them straight or stirred with a bubbly soda, these new expressions make for guilt- and bloat-free summer sipping.

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