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You Can Visit a Bar Made Entirely out of Legos


Did you ever used to dream of walking into your glorious Lego creations as a kid? A new pop-up is doing your dreams one better with a boozy twist: a Legobar made entirely out of Legos.

The Legobar will be making appearances in Los Angeles, New York, London and cities in Australia and Canada. It’ll be made of more than 1 million blocks, and will be re-assembled in each city for “the ultimate nostalgia trip,” according to the Legobar website.

“The bar will feature sculptures made completely from Lego bricks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations,” the website reads. “There will also be local DJ’s spinning tunes all day.”

Just don’t pull Legos from the walls while making your tipsy masterpiece. The only scheduled  Legobar installments so far are in Australia, with stops in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in the fall of 2018. The only possible hiccup is that the bar is not sanctioned by Lego, so there might be a licensing issue here. Or, worst case scenario, it could end up like the tragic Prosecco and Balls pop-up fiasco. If there are any problems, hopefully they work themselves out before making it stateside.

“Everyone loves Lego,” Demi Montgomer, the bar’s creative director, told the Australian publication Broadsheet. “We’ll have cocktails and beers along with lots of Lego to play with.”

Tickets are first come, first serve, though you can sign up for pre-release tickets on the Legobar website.

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