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Fake Leonardo DiCaprio Sells Real Vodka


Everyone’s favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Doppleganger is stealing the spotlight once again—and this time he has vodka. The Russian Leo lookalike (whose actual name is Roman Burtsev) scored a starring role in a commercial for Russian Vodka brand Pyat Ozer.

Burtsev is a Moscow-based emergency services officer who happens to look like Leonardo DiCaprio (if somewhat less dreamy and a lot more rotund).

The ad opens with pseudo-Leo looking into a rearview mirror, to which a picture of the real Leo is attached. “One day you realize your life is but a fake,” the voiceover narrates (in Russian). The ad takes the statement quite literally, showing our fake Leo driving his fake BMW, while wearing a fake Adidas track suit. In the end Burtsev abandons his fake girlfriend and fake life in favor of a sunset rowboat ride with his trusty bottle of vodka in hand. It’s very moving.

Of course, Mr. Burtsev isn’t the only DeCaprio duplicate capitalizing on his looks. Meet Konrad Annerud, a Swedish bartender, who now has garnered over 150,000 Instagram followers by replicating some of the actor’s iconic, 90s poses.  

All this has us wondering which of our staff members has a celebrity doppelganger, so we can cash in on their 15 minutes of fame—and maybe score some free vodka in the process.   

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