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These Cocktail Fizzers Turn Tequila into an Instant Margarita


Just in time for National Margarita Day (which is February 22, so get your salt-rimmed glasses ready), bartender and cocktail mad scientist Cody Goldstein has created a line of what he’s calling “cocktail fizzers,” all inspired by the entries for Patrón’s Margarita of the Year competition.

Courtesy of Patron

The fizzers, which start out as innocent little balls of real cocktail ingredients (the exact recipe is proprietary), come in seven different flavors: Passion Fruit and Jalapeño, Cayenne and Blackberry, Orange Marmalade and Sherry, Tomato and Thyme, Pickled Plum and Kelp Tea, Lychee and Chia Seeds, and Celery and Elderflower. When dropped into a glass of tequila, simple syrup and soda water, the salt and citrus compound within the balls cause them to effervesce into a colorful, bubbly cocktail that’s ready to drink once the bubbles (somewhat) calm down. “We wanted to create something that was fun and whimsical,” says Goldstein. “We wanted to create something that was interactive and different. We wanted to think outside of the box.” Each fizzer has its own unique flavor, color and fizz. They’re the result of, in Goldstein’s words, “a lot of trial and error, a lot of science, and a lot of mistakes.” It was well worth the effort, though. The balls are packed with bright flavors that work perfectly with the tequila and, let’s face it, they’re just plain fun to watch.

Courtesy of Patron

The fizzers are available until February 22 at Norwood in New York City. They cost $30 for one or $200 for the full flight of seven. For a reservation (you’ll need one if you’re not a member of the club), email After tomorrow, it’s up to Goldstein as to when the fizzers will make an appearance again. But if all goes well, you just might be able to buy them for home consumption one day—fingers crossed. We’re already clearing out a shelf on our bar for a full selection of fizzers.

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