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A Cult Japanese Whisky Is Coming to the U.S. For the First Time


People can’t get enough Japanese whisky. Bottles are selling for outrageous prices and even Beyoncé is singing about sipping Yamazaki on the rocks. And while all that love and attention has caused a shortage, Japanese distilleries are still introducing new products to the U.S. market. The newest of those new products is a blended whiskey from Nikka called From The Barrel.

From The Barrel was introduced in Japan in 1986, long before the Japanese whisky craze started. The blend picked up a cult following over the years, but the only way bottles made it stateside was if someone picked some up abroad and brought it back. Now those of us without a world traveling booze contact can get our hands on some. Best of all, it’s available nationally and only costs $65.

While Nikka is most famous in the U.S. for its single malts, From The Barrel is a much different type of whisky. More than 100 malt and grain whiskies go into the blend, which is then aged for another three to six months before bottling at a powerful 51.4 percent alcohol. Official tasting notes describe it as smelling floral and fruity with notes of spice and leather.

“Nikka From The Barrel is the best-selling expression outside of Japan,” Dennis Carr, the president of Nikka importer Hotaling & Co. said in a statement. “We are thrilled to bring this beloved whisky to the U.S. and look forward to seeing the cocktail creativity it inspires in bartenders across the country.”

The Japanese single malt whisky shortage doesn’t look like it’ll work itself out anytime soon. But now there’s a bottle to keep fans happy while they wait.

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