The Paddy Wagon Pub

Inflatable Irish Pub Brings the Bar to You


If you are secretly (or not so secretly) jealous of the kids at parties who get to revel in the joys of a bouncy castle (since it’s apparently “socially unacceptable” for you to join in), then we have good news: There’s an inflatable Irish pub made just for grown-ups—booze included.  

 The Inflatable Pub Company offers blow-up bars modeled to look like real pubs, complete with faux chimneys, brickwork, stained glass, wood and an indoor fireplace. Despite outward appearances, the pub is not an actual bouncy house, but that’s probably for the best since we like to keep our drinks inside their glasses. That said, falling off your stool will hurt a lot less in one of these.

The Paddy Wagon Pub

If you rent through the Paddy Wagon Pub, you will also get a range of drinks including Irish whiskey and stout, along with traditional Irish fare such as soda bread, shepherds pie and curry fries. Other entertainment options you can book include Irish step dancers, a “pour your own pint” demonstration and an Irish wolfhound petting zoo.

Pubs range in size from the modest Matt Molloy, which holds 30 patrons, to the Tavern, which holds about 60. Should you want to make the inflatable pub a permanent fixture of your landscape, the Inflatable Pub Company sells a few models for between $2500 to $6200, depending on the size of the pub.

For all you Simpsons fans, the company also plans to offer an inflatable Moe’s Tavern, modeled after the cartoon’s iconic bar. Sadly, it’s not yet available for rent. You’ll just have to settle for an old-fashioned inflatable pub this year. Poor you.

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