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3 Frozen Cocktails to Bid Adios to NYC’s Señor Frog’s


Apparently, NYC’s outpost of Señor Frog’s was just too much kitschy, tropical fun for city dwellers and tourists. The spring break stalwart’s Times Square location shuttered quietly this week, leaving behind a closed notice on the front door and memories of sugary frozen cocktails and Tex-Mex potato skins lingering in the air.

Señor Frog’s Times Square opened in August 2015 and was known for tropical drinks served in semi-phallic glassware, a two-foot jingle-playing ice cream truck, sliders served on skateboards and dancing servers. It also received a rave review from Pete Wells of The New York Times. But even Wells’ glowing words couldn’t save the subterranean party palace from skeptical New York diners and its less-than-tropical setting—most other outposts are located in resort or beach towns like Vegas, Miami and Cancun.

For those who mourn the city’s loss, we have just the sweet, boozy, frozen cocktails to fill the two-foot-tall plastic novelty glass-sized void in your heart.

This not-so-distant cousin of the Piña Colada swaps rum for vodka. Blended together with cream of coconut and pineapple, it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth without crossing the line of total sugar overload.

The Essentials

coconut cream
pineapple juice
Señor Frog’s is known for its suggestive glassware, so we think this drink would do quite well on the restaurant’s menu. Made with gin, frozen pink lemonade, strawberries and vanilla ice cream, it’s fit for a tropical pool party or a mozzarella stick binge fest at an over-air-conditioned chain restaurant.

The Essentials

Frozen Pink Lemonade
Frozen Strawberries
For those who want a drink that’s more refreshing than sweet, the citrusy Beachcomber is the answer to your cocktail hour prayers. Created by Polynesian restaurant chain founder Trader Vic—who knew a thing or two about tropical libations—it’s a grownup version of the blended concoctions you’ll find behind the bar at themed restaurants.

The Essentials

White Rum

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