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New York’s First Legit Bottled Negroni Is Here


Negroni fans rejoice, you can now buy a ready to drink, bottled version of the classic cocktail, no mixing is required. All you have to do is just pop the top, pour into a glass (ice optional) and enjoy the bittersweet libation. If you want to fancy it up by cutting a swath of orange peel to garnish it, you do you, but only if you really want to.

The cocktail is made with St. Agrestis’ Inferno Bitter—the company’s new aperitief made with bitter herbs, florals and citrus that will be released later this year—sweet vermouth and Greenhook Ginsmith’s American Dry gin. Bottled at 48 proof, the RTD cocktail is one of the strongest that we’ve tried. It packs as much wallop as any Negroni you would get at a bar or make yourself at home. In the glass St. Agrestis’ Negroni is bitter, robust and layered, with the herbaceousness and boozy bite of the gin coming through on the finish. While we prefered the cocktail over a large cube of ice, it can technically be drunk straight out of the bottle if it is chilled beforehand.

We also give props to St. Agrestis’s design. Not only is the label on the bottle—and box that they come in—eye catching with its vibrant colorway, it also manages to invoke older Italian amaro bottles shapes and styles (especially Campari’s Campari and Soda bottle) while being strikingly modern. Get it for the design, get it for the taste, just go get it. We’ve already decided that our summer is going to include beach days, a cooler full of St. Agrestis Negronis and a bottle of sparkling wine to top them with.

St. Agrestis Negroni comes in a 100 milliliter bottle (3.3 ounces) and is $6.49 a bottle or $24.99 for a four-pack. Available online at Astor Wines, Duke’s Liquor Box or Mash and Grape in New York.

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