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Svedka Seller Considers Weed-Infused Booze


Like a crossfaded night sky, the stars are aligning around marijuana-infused liquor. Major spirits player Constellation Brands Inc. announced this week that it is considering throwing its hat into the cannabis-laced booze ring. The liquor giant, which markets Corona and Svedka, may take advantage of many states’ recent decision to legalize weed by expanding into the 4:20-friendly spirits market.

On November 8, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada joined Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Washington, D.C., to bring the total to nine states (or districts) in which weed is legal for recreational use. While a number of small startups have already started peddling cannabis-infused booze where it is legal, Constellation executive Rob Sands made it clear that it was only a matter of time until big liquor got involved too. “Why wouldn’t big business, so to speak, be acutely interested in a category of that magnitude?” Sands told Bloomberg. “If there’s a lot of money involved, it’s not going to be left to small mom-and-pops.”

Given that Denver has already approved smoking weed in bars and restaurants and that the marijuana industry is projected to grow from $6 billion to $50 billion in the next decade, we don’t doubt him. Cannabis-flavored Svedka (Svweedka?), here we come.

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