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This App Gets You Free Drinks For Selfies


For all you selfie-addicts out there whose phone is always at an arm’s length away (pics or it didn’t happen!), we have good news: It’s all been worth it. Because now, thanks to a new app called CHCK-N, you can trade those selfies for booze.

Here’s how it works: After downloading the app (available from the App Store and Google Play), you visit a bar, launch CHCK-N and choose a drink from the menu. Your phone’s camera will automatically open with a filter appropriate to the brand of liquor featured in the drink you chose. Take a selfie, post it to Facebook, and get your first drink free from the bar, paid for by the kindly liquor sponsor you’re helping out with your beautiful face.

Courtesy of CHCK-N

The app is clear about its purpose: Get consumers free drinks, get participating bars more customers and get brands more exposure. It’s really a win-win-win, and it’s free. The app just launched this week, so people have yet to review their experiences with it, but we’re going to keep our eye on it, and definitely be looking to see how many more outstretched cameras we have to watch out for the next time we’re in a bar. At least now we’ll know they’re doing it for the best reason possible: free drinks.

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