Tito’s Vodka Gummy Bears Now Exist


The passionate devotees of Tito’s Vodka have a new way to enjoy their clear spirit of choice. Sugarfina, a candy company known for high end sweets, recently partnered with Tito’s to create a line of vodka-infused candy and gift boxes. Because if there’s anything that can compare to drinking a well-made vodka cocktail, it’s eating one.

One of the new products is a box of American Mule Bears, a sweet twist on the Moscow Mule. The little candy bears are infused with Tito’s and ginger beer to create gummies that taste like they belong in a copper mule mug, although Sugarfina kept them non-alcoholic. If you want something with more of a kick, you need the Tito’s Vodka Cordials, which are nutty chocolate balls filled with vodka. Both are sold separately for $8.50, or in a gift box complete with a mini mule mug for $28.

“Vodka is always a good idea,” Sugarfina sagely writes on its website. “That’s why we partnered with Tito’s handmade Vodka, the award-winning, American-made tonic, to create our first-ever vodka candy collection.”

Tito’s is a natural fit for Sugarfina, which has also worked with Casamigos tequila. The vodka is made from 100-percent corn, and has a mild, sweet aftertaste that has won over bartenders, home bartenders, vodka lovers and pretty much the entire vodka-drinking country since launching in 1997. And while you won’t get drunk off the candies, they are a much better bar snack than stale crusty peanuts.

You can find the full line up and stock up on vodka candies for yourself on the Sugarfina website.

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