A Scotch Asked for Opinions and the Internet Delivered a Trolling Masterclass


Laphroaig may be the most divisive liquor in the world; it’s a product even scotch experts cannot agree on. For every person who considers it the nectar of the gods there is another who feels it’s “the distilled essence of a burning hospital.” Then, of course, there are those who feel it has “all the subtlety of a dumpster fire, but y’know…in the best way possible.” Leaning in to their “not for everyone” image, the company launched an Opinions Welcome campaign aimed at gathering as many opinions as possible on the topic.

And the internet delivered. Oh, did it deliver.

Horrible! Dirty bandaid on fire mixed with cow pie, soaked in iodine, left in a 1900s hospital basement, left to rot and served to you.
Get job as hospital janitor, throw away mop, lick clean with tongue.
My friend says it tastes like dirt. Yes, but it’s good dirt.
But the real winner in all this is you. Because in a stroke of inspired marketing, Laphroaig commissioned comedian Andy Daly (Review, Modern Family, Silicon Valley) to read these comments in the form of a political filibuster. Shot in one take, it’s three and a half hours long. And funny. Because Andy Daly is really, really funny. Enjoy!

YouTube/Laphroaig Whisky

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