Norwegian Man Celebrates First Snow With Vodka


You might be dreading the onset of winter, but one Norwegian man is loving it. In what has become an annual tradition, Tor Eckhoff of Vestfold, Norway, celebrated the first snow of winter by stripping down to his skivvies and romping in the winter wonderland, with a bottle of vodka in hand. Good news for everyone: His exploits were captured on video.

Punctuated only by the sounds of the star’s grunts and refreshing “ahhs” after each swig of vodka, the video shows Tor making a snow angel, chainsawing his way into an ice bath, attacking a snow-covered tree, skipping through snow banks, and generally living it up. We can only hope Vikingfjord Vodka, Tor’s tipple of choice, taps Tor as their new brand ambassador. Tor has demonstrated his love of the stuff before: Just watch this video of him taking a swig before peddling around a spring field on a motorbike as proof.

This is the third year Tor has made his nude pilgrimage into the year’s first snowfall. Given how much fun he seems to have, we might just have to join him next year, with our own favorite vodkas in hand.


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