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This Spa Includes an Immersive Wine Bath


Have you ever looked at a bottle of wine and thought to yourself, “Man, this is so good I wish I could bathe in it”? Well, there’s a spa that lets you do just that, and it describes its wine treatments as “the elixir of youth.”

The Ella Di Rocco Wellness Medispa in London has therapy treatments like immersive Sangiovese baths and Merlot scrubs. Why wine? Why not wine is the better question. The spa claims that the polyphenol in grapes “stimulates circulation and detoxifies the skin,” slowing the signs of aging and “encouraging a fresh, more vibrant appearance.” We’ve all heard about the many (many) ways that wine is good for you. Ella Di Rocco is just taking it up a notch by putting the wine directly onto and into your body.

Even if the claims are a little out there, it makes more sense than covering your face with 24-karat gold, and it’s a lot more fun than sitting in a bunch of mud. The alcohol from the wine can ever so slowly soak into your skin, giving you a nice gentle buzz to go along with your detoxification. Just don’t drink from the spa. According to The Drinks Business, a sign above the bath reads, “Please resist tasting the water while you bathe. Only drink the wine that is served in our glasses.”

For the complete wine treatment, Ella Di Rocco also offers a Merlot grape seed body massage, a Sangiovese detox wrap, a Merlot and honey moisturizing wrap and a Merlot rejuvenating face scrub. Go ahead and find a way to book yourself a visit, and then turn your trip into a full on alcohol spa world tour with an Icelandic beer spa, Arizona Fireball facial and Scottish gin spa—it sounds like the most refreshing vacay ever.

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