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Band of Brews

There’s been plenty of cross-pollination between the US and Ireland over the years. After all, there are almost seven times more Irish-Americans than there are Irish, according to census data. The Band of Brews celebrates the overlap by blending Guinness Blondea fusion of American hops with Irish brewing techniqueswith Dublin’s longtime heritage beer, Guinness Draught, then adding cold brew, coconut cream, and sugar. Topped off with chocolate bitters, it’s a layered, frothy treat perfect for watching a dyed-green river drift past.

The Essentials

Guinness Blonde
Guinness Draught
cold brew coffee
The Details
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4.5 oz Guinness Blonde
4.5 oz Guinness Draught
2 oz cold brew coffee
.5 oz coconut cream
.5 oz sugar
2 dashes chocolate bitters


  • Mix cold brew, coconut cream, sugar, and chocolate bitters into a syrupy consistency and pour into the bottom of pilsner or pint glass.
  • Use a bar spoon to layer Guinness Blonde on top of the coconut cold brew mixture, then layer the Guinness Draught on top to complete.

Please drink responsibly. GUINNESS Blonde American Lager. Diageo Beer Company USA., Norwalk, CT. GUINNESS Draught Stout. Imported by Diageo Beer Company USA., Norwalk, CT.