Matthew Zach/Ali Nardi

Royal Voyage

Combining Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Whisky with Guinness Extra Stout, this rich-tasting and creamy creation will turn your fellow revelers green with envy. Fix that by making one for them as well.

The Essentials

Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Whisky
Guinness Extra Stout
Maple Syrup
The Details
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1 oz Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Whisky
2 oz Guinness Extra Stout
.25 oz Maple Syrup
2 oz Heavy Cream
3 dashes aromatic bitters [Angostura]
Grated nutmeg


  • Add maple syrup and Crown Royal over ice in a mixing tin. Stir briefly to chill, then strain into a coupe glass.
  • Top with Guinness Extra Stout.
  • Add heavy cream, simple syrup, and bitters to a mixing tin (no ice). Shake intensely until cream has been aerated, but has not completely solidified. Mixture should be fluffy but still a bit runny.
  • Float the cream on top of the cocktail.

Please drink responsibly. CROWN ROYAL Blended Canadian Whisky. 40% Alc/Vol. The Crown Royal Company,
Norwalk, CT. GUINNESS Extra Stout. Imported by Diageo Beer Company USA., Norwalk, CT.