Whiskey • Sweet
Autumn in a Glass

With apple-infused whiskey at its base, this concoction gets sharp sweetness from the cinnamon, fresh tartness from the lemon juice, and complex notes of toffee, plum, and raisin from the sherry. It lives up to its name in every way possible, from color to scent to flavors.

The Essentials

Seagram's 7 Orchard Apple
Lemon Juice
Cinnamon syrup
The Details
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1.25 oz Seagram's 7 Orchard Apple
.75 oz fresh Lemon Juice
.25 oz Cinnamon syrup
.25 oz Moscatel sherry
1 dash Bitters
1 apple fan


  • Add Seagram’s 7 Orchard Apple, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup, and sherry to a shaker filled with ice, and shake to combine.
  • Strain into a double rocks glass over fresh pebbled or crushed ice.
  • Float a dash of bitters.
  • Garnish with an apple fan.

Please drink responsibly. SEAGRAM’S 7 CROWN ORCHARD APPLE American Blended Whiskey With Natural Flavors. 35.5% Alc/Vol. The 7 Crown Distilling Company, Norwalk, CT.