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Bourbon • Dry
Snowball Old Fashioned

Despite the drink’s name, you don’t have to wait for Old Man Winter to strike before you make this twist on the classic Old Fashioned—in fact, its cooling powers can be channelled even during the dog days of summer. To create the Snowball Old Fashioned for the seasonal pop-up Miracle on Ninth Street, mixology master Nico de Soto, blends the typical ingredients—bourbon, demerara syrup and Angostura bitters—with a touch of herbal digestif Becherovka. Not only does the liqueur add a layer of depth to the cocktail, but the drink is also super simple to make. All it requires is a steady hand and, of course, an ice sphere to make it look like, well, you know.

The Essentials

demerara syrup
Bar Spoon
The Details
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1.5 oz bourbon
.5 oz becherovka
.25 oz demerara syrup
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Orange spiral, for garnish


  • Add all ingredients to a rocks glass.
  • Add ice sphere and stir until fully combined and chilled.