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The Boilermaker is the easiest two-ingredient, dive bar cocktail in existence. It consists simply of a shot (usually of whiskey) and a beer (poured into a pint glass or sipped straight from the bottle). A favorite end-of-shift drink for laborers and bartenders alike, the name is rumored to have come from the 19th century steam engine workers (or boilermakers) who were particularly fond of the combination.

Basic as a Boilermaker is, there is some controversy around the proper way to consume it. Some say you should take the shot and then chase it with the beer; others say you should alternate sipping the beer and the shot; and still others (mostly those of the British persuasion) prefer to drop the shot directly into the glass of beer and drink that. However you choose to down the duo, do it with gusto.

The Essentials

The Details


12 oz beer
1.5 oz whiskey


  • Fill a pint glass or stein with a beer of your choice.
  • Pour the whiskey into a shot glass.
  • Down the shot, then chase it with the beer. Or alternate between sipping the whiskey and the beer. Or drop the shot glass into the beer and drink.

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