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This sherry-based punch delivers a wide variety of Spanish flavor, from dry Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry, to fruity brandy de Jerez. The three spirits blend seamlessly into a fruit basket of booze. Filled out with Cointreau and some hard apple cider for a bit of fizz, it’s dry on the nose but easy to drink—and even easier to make thanks to its full bottle proportions.

Note: When it comes to hard cider, we like Angry Orchard and its many seasonal variations, but you could also use any sweeter, hard sparkling cider or even a non-alcoholic apple cider for a lower-ABV cocktail.

The Essentials

oloroso sherry
Apple cider
The Details
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1 750-mL bottle oloroso sherry
1 375-ml bottle Pedro Ximénez sherry
1 375-ml bottle Brandy
1 375-ml bottle Cointreau
2 12-oz bottles Apple cider


  • Combine all ingredients, except apple cider, in a punch bowl and stir to mix.
  • When ready to serve, add cider and ice and stir gently to incorporate.
  • Ladle into lowball glasses over fresh ice.