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The Ultimate Celery Shrub Cocktail Syrup Recipe

The Essentials

celery juice
Rice Wine Vinegar
The Details
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.25 Cup sugar
0.5 Cup celery juice
0.5 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar
Pinch of Kosher salt


  • In a saucepan, gently cook the vinegar with the white sugar and salt until both are fully dissolved. Be extra careful to not boil the vinegar. Remove from the heat and reserve the mixture in the refrigerator until it is completely cooled.
  • Using a juicer or blender, juice one bunch of fresh celery. Strain the juice through a fine sieve to remove any residual particles or fibers.
  • Combine the reserved sugar/vinegar mixture with the fresh celery juice in a resealable bottle or Mason jar. Shake to incorporate. The shrub will remain vibrant for 1-1.5 weeks if stored in the refrigerator.